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It is our vision to develop excellence in the management of venous disorders by using the latest venous treatment technologies and treatments.

Vein Clinic Port Elizabeth

At the Vein Clinic Port Elizabeth it is our vision to develop excellence in the management of venous disorders, specifically varicose veins.

We aim to achieve this by assembling a multidisciplinary team of clinicians who are all passionate about achieving academic and clinical excellence.

Currently, Vein Clinic Port Elizabeth is the most advanced vein clinic in the Eastern Cape. We do not just utilize the latest equipment for the treatment of varicose veins, but also offer the CLaCS cosmetic treatment for spider veins – the first of its kind in Africa and 1 of 10 countries in the world!  

The management of venous diseases is a specialised field that has gone long-neglected in South Africa. The open surgery alternate treatments (VNUS, CLaCS, foam- & micro sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy) that we offer, have been recognized at a gold treatment standard level globally for the past ten years. However, these treatments were not previously available in South Africa.

Not only are these treatments pain-free and effective for the treatment of venous diseases, but they are also conducted as in-room procedures and do not require hospitalization.

In using these advanced and trusted treatment methods, Vein Clinic Port Elizabeth aims to revolutionise the assessment and treatment of varicose veins and venous ulcers in Port Elizabeth. 

Meet The Team

Dr. C. Govind (Specialist Surgeon)


Dr. Chetan Govind is a South African qualified general surgeon (MBCHB) with specific interest in vascular and laparoscopic surgery and received his qualification from the University of Natal.

He received a fellowship with the College of Medicine of South Africa (FCS(SA)) in 2003 and has been in private practice since 2005.

He also obtained a Diploma and Fellowship in Laparoscopic surgery from The World Laparoscopic Hospital (FMAS, DMAS) and received training in varicose vein surgery through the European Endovenous Forum Hands-On Workshop (EVFHOW) in Cyprus.

Dr. Govind is a member of the European Venous Forum and has also trained under Vasculor Professor Dr. Roy Varghese (the president of the Vascular Society in India) in 2013.

Dr. Govind also received training under Professor Kasuo in Sau Paulo and brought his treatment (CLaCS) to South Africa in 2019.

Dr. M.C. Ah Kun (Anaethetist/Sedationist)


Dr. Maresa Ah Kun qualified in 1999 with an MBBCh from the Univeristy of Witwatersrand and has been practicing Anesthetics since 2003 in the UK and South Africa with over 10,000 anesthetic cases to her record.

She also obtained a Diploma in Child Health (DCH(SA)) in 2002, a  Diploma in Anaesthetics (DA(SA)) in 2003 from the College of Medicine South Africa, as well as a Diploma in Conscious Sedation in 2009 (PDDGA) from the University of Western Cape.

In 2007, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine (MPhil) from the University of Cape Town.

In 2019, Dr. Ah Kun trained under Professor Kasuo in Sau Paulo and brought his treatment (CLaCS) to South Africa.

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